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August 19, 2011 / gavinlaw

How Much is a Trademark Actually Worth? Hidden Value in a Company.

by Tony Guo

Companies often undervalue their trademarks. Last June, Forbes asked Brand Finance to crunch numbers to determine how much certain trademarks are worth.

The Google mark was valued at over 44 billion dollars. Microsoft came in second at a little under 43 billion dollars. Walmart, IBM, Vodafone, Bank of America, and General Electric trademarks were each over 30 billion dollars. Apple, Wells Fargo, and AT&T’s trademarks were slightly under 30 billion dollars.

The value of a trademark lies in customer recognition. Customers that have a good experience with a product save the good-will in the trademark. The trademark is an important piece of information for the customer when he or she wants to replicate the same experience. Trademarks like Apple encompass more than one product. A good experience with the Ipod may convince a customer to buy the iphone or the macbook. Strong trademarks can improve or create sales and serve as the best marketing devices.


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